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I bring the salon to you and groom your pet in your home.

You supply the tub.  I bring everything else.

3 Dogs Grooming is currently accepting new clients.

Your pet is important!

Every pet is different as to what grooming service it needs. 

You have a say as to how your pet will look during your pets' grooming session.

Each pet is groomed with the utmost care.

I use only top quality products on your pet.

My goal is to give your pet a kind and gentle experience, and to keep your pet safe and sound in its' home.

Join the pet parents that see how "in home" pet grooming benefits their pets' experience.

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Dogs   ----   

Bath & Brush

This service includes:

nail trim

ears cleaned

warm and relaxing bath

towel massage

and blow dry (if tolerated)

over 1 hour will be 

additional charge


Light Trim

This service includes

 the Bath & Brush package 

plus face, feet and

fanny trim.

 Over 1 1/2 hours will 

be an additional charge


Full  Service Groom

This service includes

 the Bath &Brush package 

plus a full body cut.

Breed specific or cut of your choice.

Over 2 hours will 

be an additional  charge


 Nail trims

extra pets in household get 

discount on nail trims


Cats  ----  

Brush out

Bath & Brush

Call for pricing



What our customers are saying

We had a great experience today with Carol. She is so meticulous, yet gentle with Doc.  She saw what might have caused him some uneasiness and she worked with him to make it a good experience all around.  He is almost three and has been groomed every four weeks since he was 7 weeks old, so he's used to the routine, but it seemed to be so much easier at home!  We can't wait for our next appointment.

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